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1 November 2012

The Newborn Child


Here it is - a selection of music for your newborn child's listening pleasure....

So this month whether you're still fighting your cravings for pickles, cheese or chocolate, or, enduring sleep deprivation to the max, read on for a few pieces for this month's topic, MUSIC AND...THE NEWBORN CHILD. 

On the first day of each month 5 pieces connecting music to a part of our lives will be suggested on a listening list.
This month's music has been added to our very own AltoProductionsAus channel on YouTube. 
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Happy listening!

1. Baby Mine

Performed by Bette Midler; Composed by Ned Washington & Frank Churchill

This piece is actually for all parents. Look at your new precious new addition to this world and introduce them to the sounds of the amazing world we live in.

2. Clarinet Concerto, Adagio (2nd movement)

Performed by Gervaise de Peyer (clarinet)/ London Symphony Orchestra, Conducted by Kyril Kondrashin , Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

Mozart loved the clarinet. There's something gentle and soothing about it's timbre. This piece doesn't just sound beautiful, it is beautiful.

3. Lascia pio pianga (Let Me Weep) 

From Rinaldo - Composed by George Frederic Handel; Performed by Yvonne Kenny

You may wonder why on Earth I am including a song about crying, when you probably go to great lengths to stop or prevent your child doing anything

of the sort. But if only a baby crying sounded like this. Instead, this piece may aid you in calming your little one with the incomparable soothing sounds of the human voice.

4. Kaiser Quartet in C, 2nd movement, Op 76 No 3
Composed by Franz Joseph Haydn; Performed by ? String Quartet 

The sounds of joy. Go on, smile.

 5. Aria

Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach; Performed by Glenn Gould

One word: Genius.

If you want some genius to rub off onto your child, give them a daily dose of Bach, the J.S. variety.

He had 20 kids, most of whom were musicians, so he must have known something about which music to feed his children.

 Bonus Track  - the Violin A

So if you don't have a tuning fork (see this month's blog article), I've recorded my own violin open A string.

I know there's an ap or two out there with synthetic sounding A's, but here's the closest thing to the real thing.

 You can read more at in this month's blog entry at http://www.altoproductions.com.au/blog/music-and 
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